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Catalina Skylights Frequently Asked Questions

We are a locally owned and operated company specializing in bringing natural light into homes and businesses
with Skylights and Solar Light Tubes.

Let our team of professionals do all the hard work, we would love to discuss your project! Give us a call (520) 668-9249, and if we can’t pick up, we will get back to you in no time at all. No time to call? Just fill out our Contact Form and we will be in touch right away!

  • How do I determine the best Skylight or Solar Light Tube for my project?

    There are many variables to determine the best product; roof type, what room(s), how many square feet in the specific room, and how much light is desired. Ultimately, once we understand your outcome, presenting you with options is easy… what is most important is having a proper installation that ties into the existing roof system creating a watertight seal, without compromising the existing roof system.

  • What is the best Skylight for the Southwest Region?

    Here in the Southwest, our goal when installing Skylights is to maximize the amount of light, while reducing the amount of heat transfer into your home. We do this a few different ways; one using the highest quality UV lenses. Second, could be adding a third lens when using Acrylic. Third, choosing to install a flat glass Skylight filled with argon gas.

  • What is the difference between a Curb-Mount and Self-Flashing Skylight?

    Self-Flashing Skylight – the skylight lenses and frame are one piece which are mounted to the roof system.

    Curb-Mount Skylight – the skylight retainer ring and lenses are mounted on a wood box frame, which is then installed and ties into the existing roof system.

  • What should I choose-Acrylic or Plexiglass?

    Plexiglass is a brand of acrylic Skylight, so there really is no difference between the two!

  • What are my color choices for acrylic dome (or other shaped) Skylights?

    For our high UV-rated lenses- Clear, Bronze, and White translucent are the standard color choices for acrylic Skylights.

    *We also offer a custom triple Acrylic lens for skylights as a less expensive option to reduce heat transfer into the home.

  • Why are acrylic domes such popular Skylights?

    Acrylic dome Skylights are lightweight, strong and well-suited for flat, shingle, metal, tile roof systems and are able to reduce heat transfer too at a lower cost than flat-glass argon filled skylights.

  • What options do you have for Flat-Glass Skylights?

    We offer several lens color options just like acrylic lenses, however, our Flat-Glass Skylights are tempered and argon-filled. Just like your highly-efficient windows, our Flat-Glass Skylights are excellent at reducing heat transfer.

  • What is "LoE-366" glass?

    When it’s summer time in Tucson, ordinary window glass just can’t handle the intense heat, and tinted glass can ruin your view. Cardinal LoE-366 has been specially formulated to reject the sun’s heat without affecting the view, by letting more light in and keeping more heat out-keeping your home cool and comfortable. LoE-366 coating provides the ultimate in performance and clarity of all our LoE products, offering exceptional fading protection as well. LoE-366 coating will block 95% of the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays (a leading cause of fading), and will help keep your furniture, carpets, curtains and wall coverings beautiful for years to come.

  • Can I open my Skylights for ventilation?

    Absolutely! Our opening skylights can be made to open for ventilation. These are often installed in kitchens and bathrooms with excessive steam.

  • Can I put a screen on after I have installed my Skylight?

    It is possible but we do not recommend it, as the best time to install a screen in your opening Skylight is during installation of the unit itself. If you do wish to install the screen after the skylight has already been installed you may need to trim the drywall around the well.

  • What kind of safety glass should I use?

    Most glass Skylights will be composed of tempered safety glass or laminated safety glass, and we can also manufacture Skylights of clear or obscure glass. Your local building codes will indicate what type of safety glass is required, and our team can help advise your best option within requirements.

  • What is the difference between tempered glass and laminated glass?

    Tempered glass shatters into rounded cubes instead of jagged shards, reducing the potential for injury and making cleanup a much easier process, while Laminated glass has the added security benefit of superior soundproofing. Laminated glass also has the advantage of very effectively blocking ultraviolet light, which is the leading cause of fading. In many areas building codes call for laminated glass as the interior layer of glass on glass skylight, and our team can help you find the Skylight for every application.

  • Can my existing Skylight or Solar Light Tube be repaired?

    Once one of our experts can assess your specific situation (repair or replace), they will share their findings, and guide you to your best option. Solar Light Tubes are not generally repairable unless it is a poor installation when tying into the existing roof system. Skylights can more frequently be repaired: whether it’s replacing the retainer ring and lenses, increasing the diameter of the weep-holes or drainage capacity, or replacing a poor installation tying into the roof system-we’ve got your back.

  • What happens to my old skylights when you replace them?

    Skylights and Solar Light Tubes takes being a GREEN company to heart, and actively recycle everything we can from our business. We would love to take your old Skylights and recycle them so that they don’t end up in a landfill, because we love the planet as much as you do!

  • I am working on a big project that requires custom skylight design and construction-Can Skylights & Solar Light Tubes handle my project?

    The professional team at Catalina Skylights manufactures standard skylights for residential, commercial, and contractor applications, and would love to be a part of your custom Skylight design and construction.

    The Catalina Skylights team is excited to discuss your ideas, and can work directly with your architect or contractor to ensure you have everything you need to make the right custom skylight choice. For more information on how our team can handle any project you have in mind, please fill out the Contact Form or call us directly.

  • What is your sales / return policy?

    If it is a standard size (not a custom order), and it has not been installed, we will restock for a 20% restocking fee. If it is a custom order, barring any defects, all sales are final.

  • What is Skylights & Solar Light Tubes’ warranty policy?

    Skylights & Solar Light Tubes’ products have a 10 year no-leak warranty. Warranty is void if a third party alters or affects the functionality of the skylight or solar light tube. Please see warranty policy here.